Membership Benefits

To find out more about becoming a member of OTM, click here to go to our Membership page.

As a full member of OTM, you get a number of great benefits. Here’s how to use them!

Belonging to a vibrant community of local theatre makers
You can get in touch with your fellow members either online or in person. You can email them via the Google Group (see below), post on the Facebook group, join the conversation on Twitter, or get news on what they’re up to through our monthly newsletter (see below). We hold monthly pub socials and other events throughout the year: see our Events page for more details.

Monthly newsletter
Click here to sign up for our monthly newsletter, where you can hear about locally-made shows, OTM events, and classes and other goings-on in Oxfordshire’s theatre scene. To submit something to the newsletter, email Alex Coke at

Monthly pub socials
We meet in the Cape of Good Hope (The Plain, Oxford, OX4 1EA) at 8pm on the first Monday of every month for a relaxed social evening. Hosted by steering group members – look out for the OTM logo!

Events, such as expert talks, networking evenings and skill shares
We hold professional development and networking events throughout the year. See our Events page for lists of past and future events. They’ll also be advertised on the newsletter, Google Group and Facebook group. Unless otherwise advertised, all events are free for full members and £5 for non-members and there is no need to book in advance. Please email us on to suggest events we could run in the future.

OTM Facebook group
The Facebook group is a great place to promote your show to other local theatre makers and to ask for advice on anything from where to hire stage weaponry to the best public liability insurance rates!

Ticket offers to OTM members’ shows
Discounted ticket offers to other members’ shows will usually come through the Google Group, so just check your email inbox. If you’d like to offer a ticket discount to other full members, simply email with the details of the show and how to get the offer.

Concession rates at local venues (where available)
OTM members can get concessionary rates at the following venues:
Old Fire Station, Oxford
Oxford Playhouse, Oxford
The Mill, Banbury
The Cornerstone, Didcot
…and more venues being arranged!

You’ll have to book by telephone and bring your membership card when you collect your ticket. Sometimes the concessionary rate will be unavailable for OTM members for particular shows or on particular nights if the venue’s contract with an outside hire prohibits it. We’ll also send extra discounts or last-minute offers to the OTM Google Group.

On venues’ lists for free tickets for undersold shows
Local venues occasionally give away free tickets to undersold shows. These offers will come through the Google Group, so just check your email inbox.

Help promoting your show, work and events
If you’ve got something you want to promote, the first step is to post about it on the Facebook group and to send an email to the other members through the Google Group. Don’t forget to include dates, location and ticket price, and consider offering a concessionary rate to your fellow members.

We also have a monthly newsletter which goes out to a wider audience and we’ll happily include your show or event on there – just email Alex ( with all the details. If you haven’t yet signed up for our newsletter, you can do so by clicking here.

We encourage you to use our ‘Made in Oxfordshire’ stamp on your marketing material to create a buzz around the idea of locally-made shows. You can read more about how to do that below.

If you’ve got another idea about how to promote local shows that we can help you with, please get in touch! Simply email

Notices about paid work
Adverts for paid work will either come through the Google Group or be posted on the Facebook page. Our rule-of-thumb policy on what constitutes paid work is that unpaid or expenses-only work does not count, but any payment above that does. However, we ask that you provide full details about the work, the location, the dates and the rate of pay so that members can make an informed choice about whether or not to apply. If you’d like further guidance, please email

Google Group to contact other members and hear about last-minute opportunities
When you first pay your annual membership fee, we’ll add you to the Google Group. It’s basically a group of all the full OTM members that you can email through one address: We encourage you to use it to contact other members about paid work, shows, workshops etc – and we’ll use it to send ticket offers, admin notices about membership, notes from our workshops, etc.

To send an email to all the other full members, simply send a normal email to If for any reason you get a bounceback email, contact

Online resources such as a list of local rehearsal spaces
When you first pay your annual membership fee, we’ll invite you to our members-only Dropbox. This is where we upload steering group minutes and any resources that OTM creates, such as notes from our workshops, factsheets, and the members directory.

Directory of local theatre makers
In the members-only Dropbox, you’ll find a spreadsheet with a list of local theatre makers. You’ll have been asked if you would like to be on it in the membership application form. Click on the tabs at the bottom to see the different roles, be it actor, writer, designer, producer… whoever!

Use the OTM ‘Made in Oxfordshire’ stamp on your show’s marketing
The ‘Made in Oxfordshire’ stamp lets people know that your show has been made by people or a company based in Oxfordshire. To use it, email Alex ( and she’ll send you the file. We ask that you email every time you want to use it so that we can list your show on our website, include it in our newsletter, and generally do everything we can to help promote it.

How to pay your membership fee

Once your application has been accepted, OTM membership costs £12 per year. You can pay in cash at an event (but please email first, so we know you’re coming), via Paypal (the quickest and easiest way to pay for us) or via bank transfer (but you need to email when you’ve done it, and it may take a few extra days to get your membership card).

To pay via Paypal, simply send £12 to, selecting ‘Friends and family’ rather than ‘Business’ as the latter means Paypal takes a fee out of your payment. If you need help sending money on Paypal, you can click here to go to Paypal’s own helppage on the subject.

You can find OTM’s bank details in the welcome email we sent you when your membership was accepted. If you can’t find it, email

Want to apply for membership? Click here.