Steering Group

Oxfordshire Theatre Makers is currently run by a steering group made up of:

Lizzy McBain (Chair)
Anja Meinhardt (Vice-Chair)
Mark Ralph-Bowman (Treasurer and Secretary)
Emma Webb
Jenny Johns
Alexandra Coke
Richard Jones
Liz Smith

We hold elections at our AGM in June but would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to be involved with the main steering group or any of our subcommittees (details below) at any time of year. Email to enquire.

Minutes of our monthly meetings and our annual financial reports are available in our members-only Dropbox.

Fundraising Sub-Committee
Do you enjoy writing and networking with potential partners? Do you like researching and discovering funding opportunities? Have you got a creative mind and would like to put your ideas into practice to generate money in a fun way? How about putting your skills to use in the OTM fundraising sub-committee and help us secure the ongoing sustainability of OTM?

We meet for a couple of hours every month or so to plan fundraising efforts and then liaise via email to write funding applications. We’ll also seek out new potential funding pots and alternative means of raising funds.

If you are interested, email Lizzy McBain, to find out more.

Marketing Sub-Committee
Are you great at getting your message across? would you like to help us communicate the fabulous work we do to a growing audience? Are you a social media wizard, a graphic design expert or an email genius? Would you be able to photograph our workshops and events to make sure we look as superb as we really are? Then the marketing sub-committee could use your help!

If you are interested, email Emma Webb, to find out more.

Events Sub-Committee
Are you creative, sociable or just really really organised? Would you like to see more exciting events to unite the theatre-makers of Oxfordshire? Join the OTM events sub-committee – where the fun stuff happens!

Help us to dream up new and unusual ways to meet, network and share our skills. Help us schedule inspiring expert talks and workshops. Help us to organise theatre trips to support each other’s work and enrich our own.

If you are interested, email Jenny Johns, to find out more.

Membership Sub-Committee
We are the welcoming committee and the gate keepers of OTM. We meet regularly and see our role as encouraging people to join, managing and expanding member benefits . We meet once a month and chat by email to review applications, feedback and communicate with members.

If you are interested, email Richard Jones, to find out more.